From the Author

Adam Hurly
Hi everyone! The second series of The Prospectives began this week on Instagram, which means that each Sunday you’ll again be receiving the previous week’s chapter.
Chapters in this story will alternate between the main narrative and thematic commentary. So, in odd weeks, we will be moving the plot forward, and in even weeks, you’ll meet people who are relevant to the ideas and story. In those chapters, you’ll read anecdotes about them, or they’ll comment on the narrative while adding their specific perspective. If that’s confusing, just give it a few weeks.
I’m quite nervous for this iteration of The Prospectives. It’s different from the first series, not just in format. The passages will be longer, and it’s nonfiction. It’s about me, about my friends, about a lot of the ideas and experiences that shaped that first story. I hope you’ll be just as critical of me as a narrator as you were with the fictional Eric last year. My feelings won’t be hurt. And I hope you’ll trust where I’m taking you, because with this serialized method, I think it’ll take a couple months for exposition to make way for payoff. I should know better than to apologize for that, but I do want to assure you that there’s a wholly formulated story at play; it’s not just me telling random, unrelated tales or whining about ex-boyfriends.
levi hastings the prospectives
Levi Hastings

A couple reminders as we get going: please follow us on Instagram and leave comments! Please share your own stories or react to the ones being told. Be critical or be supportive, whatever. Also, please share the project with friends and family, or consider small ways you can help more people to find us and follow along. You’ll learn very quickly from this story that I’m shameless, so I feel little remorse asking for your help to keep this audience and interaction growing.

Oh, and I think you’ll particularly enjoy the artwork for this second series. It’s from the very talented Levi Hastings  (@leviathanleague).

Alright. See you Sunday. And the next Sunday. And the next Sunday…
Thanks for reading.
—️Adam Hurly (@adamhurly)

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