Series 3 Starts August 8 on Instagram


Hey again. It’s @adamhurly here. I’m excited to launch series 3 next week on our Instagram; I wanted to outline a couple things with you before it starts, so you know what to expect.adam hurly

First, there’s going to be a new image every day. Think of it like a graphic novel, but more like a storyboarded screenplay.
Secondly, it’s going to read like a screenplay. Lots of direction, lots of action, no first-person narrative, but still plenty of dialogue.
Next, like any story, it might take a few weeks for the plot to reveal itself. If you think of a standard screenplay structure, the first act is the first fourth of the movie. That being said, the first fourth of this story lasts eight weeks, so you might wonder a few times “where the hell is this going?”… It’s going somewhere, I promise!
Also, we’re publishing 5 days a week this season, so only on weekdays.
And lastly, PLEASE engage. Like the posts on Instagram. Comment on them. Sign up for our notifications if that’s something you think will help you see each post. Justin TeodoroInstagram’s algorithm affects everyone differently, and the success of this channel is dependent on how engaged you are with the content (which in turn depends on how well I do with the plot, hehe…). Either way, I’ve heard from lots of readers that they found this project in their Instagram Explore Feed, which is because their friends were liking and commenting. I’d really appreciate if you kept that in mind throughout the whole series…your engagement (and word of mouth to friends, to editors, to anyone!) is invaluable.
Thanks everyone; everything kicks off next Monday, August 8. Here we go!
–@adamhurly & @justinteodoro

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