Series 4 Campaign: One week to go!

Hi reader! We’ve got one more week on the Series 4 Kickstarter, and are still $3000 shy of the our baseline funding goal.

Please help us reach that goal—and help us get as close to our $20K budget as possible. Visit this link to learn more about the new series, why it costs so much, and how you can help! Any support—$10, $25, $100…— it all helps immensely. Please note, however, that your pledges will only be charged on April 16, at the end of the campaign; you can pledge now but won’t see the charge on your card yet.

It’s an all-or-nothing endeavor, too. If we don’t get $15K, we don’t get any funding whatsoever. So please, if you’ve been following along and enjoying the series, support the team behind the project. It’s taken thousands of hours to make this anthology, all self-funded through now. The next series is the most ambitious yet, and we need your support to bring it to life.

Thank you!


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